Is There Really Such A Thing As A Dream Job?

A job beyond compare


In a perfect world, we want a job that is somehow connected to our passion. A job like a teacher, where we can help shape the minds of the younger generation; or a nurse, where we can take care of the sick and bring comfort to the people who need our medical attention. Maybe it is the work of a lawyer, who fights for our rights and helps bring justice to the weak or it is a job that can pay off our bills and is sufficient enough to help us with our everyday needs.


Many people land a job they despise but chose to stay because of the financial stability it offers. And we often ask ourselves if it is somehow worth our energy. It is our nature to keep doing whatever we’re already doing to survive. What drives us to work? Is it still our goals or a student debt that we have to pay off that keeps us going? “Am I still happy with what I’m doing?” That’s the question many ask. Sometimes, it feels like we’re stuck in a timeless loop. Our routine may start to get boring, and the things we used to like don’t excite us anymore.





Imagine a job where you can be happy, a job you can look forward to each day, a job where you can change the life of other people. A job that offers financial stability. A job where we can learn something new every day from our clients, and a job that can give comfort to people with developmental disabilities, intellectual disabilities or people with physical disabilities.  The job of a direct support professional (DSP) is a line of work where we can attain all of those things. The challenges in each job are normal but the challenges associated with being a DSP is nothing compared to its reward. The help and support we can offer is something valuable. Most successful people in this profession live their mission and care deeply for the people they support.


The smiles we leave on the faces of our clients will determine the effectiveness of our approach when it comes to supporting them. It is very important for us to bridge the gap between the client-and-employee relationship to win their trust and develop a strong connection with them. Attention to detail, compassion, and patience are the most vital skills we must possess in order for us to serve them well.  DSPs play an important role in our society and will mark the lives of the people they support. We can always make them feel whole as a person despite the challenges they encounter every day. Imagine the sense of fulfillment and joy for being a helping hand to them.


It’s about time to recognize the essential value of DSPs in our society and realize how they affect the lives of people with disabilities and how they make it somehow easier for their client to feel at peace knowing that they are well taken care of. Most of us need to feel valued at work and have a sense of recognition for the job we do. A simple pat on the back, a smile, a simple thank you from our clients is already a gesture of recognition. Imagine a client having a rough day, but when they see you it brightens up their day. This is not just a job, this is you, following your passion. Being a DSP is like a candle in the dark, you will always be the light in their life.


The challenges are nothing compared to the reward and especially if you have been with your clients in every aspect of their lives. How heartwarming it can be if someone finally reached another milestone with your help. This job has flexible working hours too. That is why there are students working as DSPs because they can easily manage their time with this job, fulfill their career growth and still have time to pursue some of their interests. You can also acquire a lot of skills by being a DSP. If you are pursuing a job related to the medical field then this is a training ground for you. The skills you will acquire will mold you to become a better person and the best in this profession in the future.



The most rewarding part of this job is that clients are growing independently every day with your help.


There is no job that is too difficult if we learn to embrace the challenges and focus more on how we can shape a better future. The increasing number of people with disabilities is changing each year, it is our duty to protect them at all costs and make sure that they can somehow live life as normally as possible. We can make them feel that their lives matter. We cannot attain all of this without the help of DSPs working hand in hand to maintain a better life for our brothers and sisters with disabilities. If you want to help create a better world for them, then this is the perfect platform for you to showcase your skills and compassion towards people with disabilities. This is a career path that can lead to impacting and changing lives – the job of direct support professionals.