Direct Support Professionals Recognition Week


When we hear the word “celebration” what comes first in most of our minds are parties, which includes drinking, eating, and surrounding ourselves with our loved ones. There are a lot of things that we celebrate. A celebration of life, birthday parties, graduation, promotions, weddings, buying a new house, a new car or anything that we consider as a goal in our life. Every time we celebrate it feels like we have unlocked another level on the list of things that we want to achieve in our life.


During the week of September 13th through the 19th, we celebrated and recognized our modern heroes – direct support professionals. Direct support professionals are making a big difference in the lives of the people they support. The direct support professionals of 1st Choice Family Services always set the standards high when it comes to supporting people with disabilities. They help people with disabilities become more independent and help them discover their interests and strengths. Their passion and dedication towards their job is something to be celebrated and recognized.


Every day the direct support professionals at 1st Choice Family Services perform exemplary work for the families they support. They are the reason why 1st Choice Family Services is a leader in this field of work. Their hard work and commitment have helped people with disabilities and their families in innumerable ways. They might not be as recognized as nurses or doctors in the medical field or other caregivers, but in the eyes of the family they support they are the real MVPs.


Because of their work, people with disabilities are becoming more independent. Because of their efforts, people with disabilities are becoming more engaged in activities they prefer. They are no longer stuck inside their shell. They are becoming more active and more engaged in activities presented by direct support professionals. Because of the DSPs’ passion, people with disabilities are feeling less insecure because they know that they can always count on them. Because of their skill, the family of a client has greater enjoyment with less stress.


Without DSPs, it would be hard for some people with disabilities to complete a simple task on their own. It would be hard for some parents who have to work every day to support the needs of their child who has a disability if no one is available to take care of him. It could happen that people with disabilities would skip their medicines if there were no direct support professionals at their side to remind them. It would be a lonely for those with disabilities to wake up knowing no one is there to watch them.


Being a direct support professional is not just about supporting people with disabilities. It is not just a regular job. For people with disabilities, DSPs are their heroes. They don’t actually need to wear capes but their presence can bring comfort and relief to their clients. They may not have superpowers, but their skills can make a difference for their clients by helping them overcome challenges. They can’t read minds but they can organize things for their client’s comfort without them asking for it. They don’t have the ability to fly but they can bring their clients to places they haven’t been.



Appreciation Week for Direct Support Professionals



1st Choice Family Services helps instruct direct support professionals. We have gained a lot of trust from our clients. They are the reason why this company is growing. 1st Choice Family Services planned a surprise for our DSPs by providing food, gift certificates, and other tokens of recognition for their hard work and resilience. It doesn’t have to be ‘Direct Support Professional Recognition Week’ to appreciate DSPs. Celebrating their hard work every day is an action to continue.


Appreciating them should help with motivation. A simple “Thank You” and a pat on the back saying” “Good Job” can lift their mood when they’re having a rough day. Being a direct support professional is challenging, so we should all welcome any chance to extend our gratitude. And, a little appreciation goes a long way. They are often unrecognized in the support field and not everyone is aware of their existence but they are very important.


To all direct support professionals, you are the real MVPs. Every day, all of you step up to the challenge with grace, determination and professionalism. We are reminded that your talents demonstrate a level of care and commitment that is vital to the work that we do to help clients reach their full and unique potential. Even during unprecedented times, our DSPs truly prove their commitment to the people they serve.


Every direct support professional has a purpose, a calling to make a difference in the lives of people with disabilities. Some of them go through times that redefine their lives and they find out their abilities reach much further than they imagined- making impossible things possible. Many come out stronger. There is no system of supports and services without a DSP workforce. We must support the direct support professionals in policy and practice. This includes their benefits, a meaningful career ladder and an elevated awareness of the complexity of the profession.


To all direct support professionals everywhere, you are our superstars who are most deserving of acknowledgment every day of the year. Your hard work defines our company’s mission in providing support to all people with developmental disabilities.Thank you, direct support professionals!