More than a Job: Direct Support Professionals (Overcoming Challenges)


Overcoming challenges as a direct support professional


Every day is a test. We cannot control what will happen next, but we can control our attitude in dealing with certain situations. Life is boring without challenges. Every challenge that comes  our way is an opportunity for us to learn. It can help us grow to become a better person each day. Some challenges we face every day are challenges at work. It is common and normal. We must remain positive in every situation because it can help us to lessen the tension that we are feeling inside us. A positive outlook in life will have a positive result.


Working as a direct support professional is a very challenging yet rewarding job. It is not always sunshine and roses. Sometimes, it is a burst of negative emotion. It happens every day in any job. But, do you know what’s the best thing about being a direct support professional? There might be some challenges with this job, but the good times are better than the challenging times and it is always rewarding.


The clients are sometimes the only person who can change your mood. If you are having a bad day at school or home, your client’s simple gestures can make you smile. Knowing there is someone who looks forward to seeing you every day can really make you feel good about yourself. People with disabilities are very appreciative. Their simple “thank you” is a heartwarming feeling that stirs a lot of emotion. Their smile can lighten up your mood instantly. Their laughter will always be music in the ears of direct support professionals, knowing that somehow it is because of them.


Without negative emotion, we would also lose much of what drives us to challenge ourselves and grow. If we deny the range of human experience, we inadvertently confine ourselves to a small, cramped corner of our lives, ignoring what it truly means to be human, ignoring our possibilities. How sad would it be to not reach your full potential because you were too afraid to experience an emotion or to overcome challenges?



Direct support professionals always make sure we are exhibiting our best behavior and excelling with the support we offer. Our client’s family is grateful for the services we offer, and that is rewarding. To hear positive feedback from the client and their family is a source of motivation for our direct support professionals and it will also reflect on the company they are representing.


To walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, and to be with them through the tough times, helping them gain confidence to face the world is an awesome responsibility. No words can totally describe the emotion and the feeling of happiness our DSPs feel every time they overcome challenges in their client’s life. They have overcome it together. No challenges are too hard if someone is helping you and that is one role of our direct support professionals.


A lot of jobs are overwhelming. Think of the reason why you started the job in the first place. Focus on your life goals and the flexibility of working as a DSP. The lives you can change and the family you can help. As long as your heart is in your job, challenges will never be a reason to quit. It is not going to be a setback. Imagine the people who depend on you. You are considered their lifeline and sometimes, the reason why they are living and the source of their happiness.


If you love helping people, then this is the best job for you. It is not just a rewarding job, it is beyond that fulfillment. The excitement that you feel every day is because you know that there is always something new to do. You did not just help people with disabilities but you also made a difference in their lives. The assurance that you care for them and will be with them through each milestone they make is something of great value. We might not see the world through their eyes, but in their eyes.


To overcome challenges, you must learn to embrace any negative emotions and turn them into positive ones. You must determine the problem and always focus on your goal. And that is because you want to help your clients live life fully and help them achieve a sense of independence that comes many times just by completing simple chores.  It will also help you overcome challenges by seeking advice from a co-worker, or changing your approach in some situations that you find challenging. It is always a matter of perspective. Every challenge helps you gain experience.


You have a different perspective on the world than others. Use that to your advantage. Embrace all the challenges, but also the learned knowledge and the critics. Embrace it and make it your own. Because that’s what makes you “You”. There are no wrong or right decisions, only what is a good fit for you. If you have a lot of patience and passion in helping people with disabilities, then challenges that you will encounter are opportunities to make a difference. If you are doing it for the right reasons you will know that you are in the right place.