Signs that you made impact as a DSP

No matter what we do, we make an impact on the lives of people we meet. The impact is either good or bad. The things that we do will make an impact on someone’s life.

You’ll get to know the impact you are making by looking at a person’s facial expressions. Because more than words, actions express everything. If your presence is appreciated by someone, you’ll know. When you are walking by and suddenly confront him you will see a bright smile.

It may take some time before you realize that you’ve touched someone’s life. Good deeds and kindness should never be recorded. You need to be at your best wherever you are and it will make a great impact on someone’s life. When you least expect it someone will tell you how you’ve made their life change for the better.



Working in the support field as a direct support professional is not just a profession it is a calling. Unlike other professions where people grow complacent and get tired of their job, the work life of a direct support professional offers many possibilities and adventures. DSPs choose to stay at their jobs and continue the journey of supporting people with disabilities because the challenges are nothing compared to the fulfillment and joy they feel for this job.

A constructive impact generally happens with a selfless approach and the person does not weigh what they’re getting back in return. Our direct support professionals are working selflessly to provide the best support for people with special needs. They don’t need anything in return from their clients because what matters to them most is that they made their lives easier by staying with them.

Simple signs that you may have made an impact in your client’s life:

They always look up to you as if you are their family.

Your mere presence made them smile.

They are looking for you when you are not around.

They talk highly of you to their family or friends.

They listen to you.

They trust you.

They are comfortable around you.

They are grateful for your existence.

And some are so dependent on our DSPs that they feel like they cannot live without them. Those are the signs that you have made an impact in your client’s life.

A lot of times our direct support professionals have a profound impact on someone’s life and don’t even realize it. The amount of dedication and love they have for their job, and gratification they receive when supporting people with disabilities is something that cannot be matched by any amount of money. The financial stability they have in this job and the company that employs them is a bonus.



Direct Support Professionals don’t only affect their clients’ lives. They also affect the lives of the people who surround them. 1st Choice Family Services is growing because of the recommendations coming from our very own direct support professionals and the people who know how amazing their work is. The butterfly effect of one single act of kindness can lead to a series of positive reactions of growth and stability. At 1st Choice, our growth and strength is owed to our direct support professionals.

Let me tell you what they do to create an impact. They always do more than what is expected of them. They set the standards high in supporting others. It’s what matters to them. They know that the “can do” attitude will help them become effective supports for their clients. The attitude is present in whatever they do. We produce the best direct support professionals in the field who are also the future leaders of the company.

Their first-hand experience and knowledge they share with the aspiring direct support professionals will be beneficial for their clients. The tiniest impact can result in satisfaction, motivation and inspiration. Our direct support professionals’ desire is to do good for the world and their client. To all aspiring DSPs, take it from them. Learn from them. Be at your best.

I would say the best way to make a lasting impact is to act with integrity. Focus on your authentic truth and what you’re good at, and inevitably you will end up inspiring others in ways you might never know, This is what our direct support professionals are doing. Their simple acts of kindness will lead to a better understanding of how we can make our clients’ lives easier and better.