You can be proud of yourself as a Direct Support Professional

Waking up every day with a purpose helps keep us going. Sometimes, we stop for a moment and look at ourselves in front of the mirror and ask: “Is this the person I want to be?” We reflect on the life that we are living – our choices, our struggles, our achievements, and what we have. Despite going through so much, we do stand tall, with our heads held high and continue living our life with a purpose. A purpose to support people who need our help.


Be someone that your future self will be proud of. Your goal should always be to try and create a you to be proud of. Ask yourself: “Am I content with what is happening in my life right now?” If yes, then you are doing exactly what is right for you. You just have to be patient, because, in the end, you should be able to reap what you sow. All your hard work, dedication and determination will pay off.





The key to happiness is to be the best version of yourself, and the only person in control of that is you. Discover how to make yourself proud. Years from now, the person you have been striving to be will thank you for all the sacrifices and challenges you endured. To become what you have always aspired to be, it is what you owe to yourself.


There are simple ways to recognize that you are on the right path and becoming the person you want to be:



  • Self-acceptance. You begin to realize and understand that your unique interests, hobbies, and characteristics of your personality contribute to society rather than serve as hindrances. Accept your flaws and use them as your strength. That way, no one can ever use it against you. We need to accept ourselves and believe we deserve fulfilling relationships with others. We need to believe in ourselves enough to go for our dream jobs. We cannot be what we are right now if we don’t accept ourselves. To become proud of yourself, one has to maintain self authenticity and accept every inch of ourselves completely.


  • “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work another day in your life.” So what if the pay is lousy? What if it’s “just an internship?” You can only excel at something if you give your all. And how can you give something your all when you don’t even like it? So count yourself as blessed and forge on the path you choose, not because it is the only thing that is available but because you made a choice to be in that position. Landing a job that you despise will not contribute to your growth as an individual. You have an entire world of opportunities at your fingertips, and life is too short to spend stuck in the same unfulfilling place forever. Becoming a direct support professional is a choice made out of passion and love for supporting people with disabilities, it never feels like a job to any of our DSPs because they love what they’re doing and the level of fulfillment that they have by working as a direct support professional is something they can be proud of.


  • Be inspired and surrounded by the people who can motivate you – those who are similar to the person you want to be. And learn from them. Choosing a career with people to look up to feels like a dream job. Here at 1st Choice Family Services, our leaders and service managers are working hand in hand to help our direct support professionals grow in this profession and helping them become even more effective in helping people with disabilities. Most of the time our direct support professionals aspire to become service managers and want to help the company grow. Some even aspire to open new 1st Choice Family Services offices for people who need our help.


  • Think of the person you want to be, visualize that person as clearly as possible. And think of it as much as you can. You know yourself best. You know your strengths and you know your weaknesses. Use that strength to excel in the job you choose. If your strength is patience and being helpful to other people, then being a direct support professional is the best fit for you to enhance your strengths. You are a helpful person and you are very patient towards other people. That is your power. Use it to your advantage because it comes out naturally in you. Those are the strengths that most of our direct support professionals display in this field, that is why they are best at what they are doing. The weaknesses they have will be empowered by their strengths and develop them to become the best in supporting people with disabilities.


  • Have your own plan to become the person you want to be. The plan should fit your background and the abilities you possess. Divide your plan into small goals that you are going to fulfill in a period of time. Setting goals for yourself every day as a direct support professional can help you save time and help you explore different approaches to help clients achieve some independence. Helping clients achieve this is something to be proud of. All of the simple things that our direct support professionals do to help people with disabilities is making a great impact on direct support professionals not only in this company but in the whole support industry. Direct support professionals who are proud of who they are is inspiring. That is the kind of direct support professionals we produce here at 1st Choice Family Services. DSPs who set high standards for helping people with disabilities. Keep making us proud!