How this Job Changed Me

Have you experienced any changes in your life that lead you to a whole level of different perspectives? Something that you did not expect to do, but you still chose to do otherwise because, for the first time in your life, you got to be the one who will make a decision, not anyone, but you. The surprising series of twists and turns in our lives. Unexpected moments, valuable lessons, and some memories we can cherish, and keep until the end. 


Remember that our reality is a result of the things that we do daily, from what we eat for breakfast to where we go to work or school. If we are going to change our life’s circumstances, we will have to change the things we do every single day. Sometimes stepping outside in our comfort zone is very liberating. Beginnings are usually scary, but we will get the hang of it each day. Small changes in our lives may seem insignificant at first, but they will make our life more interesting in the long run by adding variety. 



We are accustomed to being settled in our routines that we grow complacent in what we are doing. We are losing our drive over the things that we used to be passionate about. It leaves us feeling burnt out because, admit it or not, but deep inside, we always crave an adventure. Something that will change our life somehow. Even in the simplest way. All of us will reach a point in our lives where we often question ourselves if this is the path that we want. 


Some people are more prone than others to get stuck in the comfort of routine and familiarity. Regardless of our inhibitions or fears of change, humans need variety to be happy. We should practice this on a small scale daily as well as on a larger scale. So how did becoming a direct support professional changed the life of one individual? Here’s another story we would like to share with our beloved readers. 


“Getting to know Megan” 


Who would have thought that last June 16, 2020, will mark another exciting adventure in the life of one of our direct support professionals, Megan Griffith? From being shy to becoming confident. From being scared to becoming interactive with her colleagues. It’s been a couple of months since she started her path as a direct support professional. Whoever said that beginnings are always the hardest doesn’t apply to our own direct support professional, who takes pride in everything she is doing. 


During an interview with her, we asked a couple of questions, which she confidently answered. 


How did you find out about this job? 


I have been working as an STNA (State Tested Nursing Assistant) since I graduated high school. I wanted to do something similar, where I can still take care of people, and help people in simple ways that I can. I was looking for some job applications online, and I came across the 1st Choice Family Services. I read the job description, and I like what the company upholds, as well as its mission, and that is to help people with developmental disabilities overcome life challenges through advocation, self-development, informed decision making, and total community integration. Also, what I like the most is how we can get things done with our clients. It’s just like hanging out with a friend or a family member. It’s a good job, so I wanted to stay in this field so I can help a lot of people. 


Why did you decide to become a DSP (Direct Support Professional)? 


All I’ve ever done work-wise is to help people, and that’s what I enjoy doing. That is why I chose this field. My brother is also developmentally delayed, and I’ve always been protective of him, and I help him with a lot of stuff. So, I wanted to extend that level of support to a lot of people who need it. I am glad that becoming a direct support professional highlights the thing I enjoy doing, and that is helping other people. 

I enjoy helping people and getting to know the clients personally. It’s nice because I don’t make friends easily. So, it’s more comforting for me to be around the clients and the staff that works here because we have a lot in common, and that is our passion for taking care of other people. It’s very easy to make friends here. I have gained a lot of friends for the short period that I’ve been working here. They are also flexible with my hours and stuff because I have babysitter issues. They’ve been really helpful for that kind of thing. It’s just a great experience working around the people here since I started. 


What are your daily tasks with your clients? 


It depends on the client that you are currently assisting. Some days we got to take our clients out. We’ve taken one of our clients out to the African safari. My client’s favorite animal at that time is a giraffe. He got the chance to feed a giraffe with his own hands. It was a very memorable moment. He really enjoyed it. Also, I’ve taken some of my clients to get their hair done, and to go clothes shopping. It’s honestly just like hanging out with someone that you are friends with. Or like hanging out with a family member. 


Are there any changes in your life when you become a direct support professional? 


My whole perspective in life has changed a lot. There’s a great opportunity to advance here. It’s the best career path if you are looking for career growth. I feel like my confidence and my ability to talk to other people has increased as well because we have meetings most of the time. Every time I am talking to my co-workers and some people who are part of this company, everything is just easy because all of them are very nice and welcoming, which makes me open to interacting with them even more. I have bad anxieties before, so I didn’t talk to some people. I never stepped out of my comfort zone to make friends or anything and that changed since working here. It made my whole life better. – Megan  


Hearing some real-life testimonies about growth and self-discovery from our very own direct support professionals here at 1st Choice Family Services is very inspiring. Life tends to change constantly without even having a hand in it. In some people’s cases, their life has gone through many phases depending both on their choices and what they like to refer to as fate. Because of their passion for helping people with disabilities, it leads them to what they are now. A person they can always be proud of. A job that touched the lives of other people and changed their life completely.