People with Developmental Disabilities: Capturing the Hearts of their Support

It’s not every day that we wake up on our day off, still thinking about our jobs and our clients. It seems weird to feel that way don’t you think? But if you are in the right kind of job, you will feel this longing of being around the people you are taking care of. Unlike some other job that we have but secretly despise it at the end of the day, being a direct support professional is the kind of job that affects you in a good way. People with disabilities have this kind of effect on our direct support professionals. Being around them makes our direct support professional, happy, and fulfilled, knowing that they are doing something good in the community. 


Becoming a direct support professional forces our DSP to step out of their comfort zone every day. They get to meet a variety of people with disabilities, staff, and co-workers, and they learn something new every day. They have learned not to treat people differently because of their disability, or difference, or because of their gender, but to treat them like humans. 


As the saying goes: when you want something, the whole universe will fight to make it happen. But that’s not just the end of it. In order to make things happen, you have to make it happen! Our direct support professionals here at 1st Choice Family Services are miraculous workers. Making impossible things possible for the people they are supporting, making their lives easy, and making sure that they are always safe, healthy, and happy. 


The real happiness that our direct support professionals feel is being with their clients and seeing them connected to society. They take pride in every milestone that their client surpassed knowing that they are a part of that growth. Our direct support professionals are not just employees, they sometimes felt like they are the uncle, the aunt, big brother, or big sister by their clients. To some people, it might just be something, but to our direct support professionals, it is everything. 


Some people have to do things that they don’t want to do, thinking it will get better in time. That’s just how life goes. And yes, at some point they are correct, when we decided to choose a certain path even if it’s against our will, we always have this hope that in time, the choices we make will be worth it. But sometimes, it’s the other way around. Choosing something that we are not passionate about will entirely drain us.  


It won’t happen to you if you decided to become a direct support professional. A lot of testimonies coming from our direct support professional’s journey saying that this job captured their hearts. There’s also a lot of direct support professionals who decided to try this job because it provided financial stability. They might be hesitant at first but in the long run, all they wanted is to grow in their profession and this company. That goes to show that being a direct support professional will give you genuine happiness, peace of mind, and of course, financial stability and growth. 



Another thing that this job offer is freedom. Our direct support professionals have a lot of freedom to do fun activities with their clients. They are flexible. They can always apply their ingenuity in planning some adventures and trips with their clients. Planning some activities with their clients give them freedom because they are the one who decided the itinerary based on their client’s likes and preference. So it’s always fun having freedom in your workplace because you can always apply your creativity. 


Some people often wonder why our direct support professionals are happy working in this company. Well, aside from the fact that 1st Choice Family Services make sure that they are well compensated and acknowledged. This company also produces the best direct support professionals in this field of support. Aside from that, the biggest reason that I know of is that because our direct support professionals are doing the job that they have passion for. Passion drives people, if they have passion for their work then they will feel energized and excited for the next day even after going through a crappy day full of failures. 


Our direct support professionals are satisfied with their work around because they know that at the end of the day, they made a difference. If the job gives a person the satisfaction of doing something of importance then that person will truly be happy. Some people are just concerned about money, if the job pays enough for all their desires then they will not care about it. But that doesn’t apply in the support field. No amount of money can buy the precious times that ur direct support professionals spend with their clients. The bond that they have developed by working with people with disabilities, and their families.  


And above all the reasons why they fall in love with this job is because of the feeling of importance they always felt from their bosses down to their clients. This is what every human wants. Why do you think that social workers, nurses, or doctors are happy and contented with whatever they have and whatever they do? Because they help people and those people respect them and value them. Working every day, facing challenges each time, that is just normal. It will pass. But the amount of appreciation from our bosses and clients is impacting us because it always feels good to be appreciated. Being reminded that you have done a great job. 


Choosing to become a direct support professional is the best choice you will experience in your life. Knowing that every day, you will fall in love with what you are doing. You will fall in love with yourself. You will learn to value the smallest thing that you do because you are confident in yourself that you are making things better. You are making the lives of people with disabilities easier. And despite the challenges you face every day, amidst the chaos, you found something that gives you peace.