Stepping out of the Comfort Zone by Becoming a Direct Support Professional

Every individual has their weaknesses. Even the superheroes we’ve been looking up to as a kid have their weaknesses. Superman who is described as indestructible has a weakness too. He has a weakness for kryptonite. Even Spider-Man has a lot of weaknesses too. He’s afraid of water. Water might not seem like that big of a threat to Spider-Man, but it has a surprising way of robbing the superhero of one of his most crucial skills. 


Even Wolverine is extremely vulnerable to magnetic fields. Iron Man’s dependence on technology is one of his biggest weaknesses Without all of his high-tech objects, Stark wouldn’t even be alive. You see, even the indestructible superheroes have weaknesses. But do you know what made them a hero? It is the fact that they still keep on fighting to protect the advocacy they believe in. saving the world from super-villains. Protecting people from harm. Making sure that their loved ones and the future generation will have a better place to live in. 


Some superheroes have ordinary lives. Just like a regular person you might have met at a coffee shop or someone you saw at the park, walking their dogs and having a normal picnic with their loved ones. The magic and strength are hidden behind those ordinary lives. Concealing their power to protect their identity, that way they can live normally as possible. That way they cannot endanger the lives of the people they care about. 


We also have modern superheroes. In this pandemic, we have our front liners. Our doctors, nurses, health care workers who make sure that every patient is well taken care of. In this trying times, there’s a lot of people we look up to that serve as our superhero even without any super strength, laser beams, or mind control powers. One of the modern superheroes is our direct support professionals, who risk their health to protect the people that need them – the people with disabilities.  



When the world seems fleeting. And everything that we used to do is restricted. Our direct support professionals wake up every day to support people with disabilities. They continue to provide the best services they offer. They work round the clock to make sure that these people that are sometimes being neglected by their own family and loved ones, will have the comfort and peace that they deserve. Because like us, they needed all the support our direct support professionals can offer. Some people with disabilities have underlying health conditions which makes them vulnerable to the virus. 


It is hard for them to even buy their own necessities because they cannot even go out. That is why our direct support professionals are very essential to the needs of the people with disabilities in these trying times because our direct support professionals are the backbone in the support field. Our direct support professionals play an important role in the welfare of their clients. Most of the time they are the ones who assist their customers in buying some groceries, and their essential needs.  


They are the superheroes that are often unrecognized but are setting their standards high to make sure that they can build a safe environment for the people that they are supporting. Conquering their fears to become a better version of themselves. Embracing their strengths to use it for a good cause. One of our direct support professionals shared his personal experience about overcoming his fears and stepping out of his comfort zone to become a direct support professional. It was always been a struggle to start something new in life. 


Just like the journey of Tyree Morgan, one of our direct support professionals who dedicate his entire life to supporting people with disabilities. Getting attached to his clients and co-workers every day. He shared his experience of why he decided to become a direct support professional. 



I will be honest, at first, I thought this is just a regular job, but once you get to know your co-workers, you get to know your clients, plus you got a company here that is family-oriented. Everybody respects each other. We don’t talk negatively about each other. It changed the whole vision for me. I got to the point where I realize I love my job. This is the first job that I love. 


I have a brother that formerly works here. He was telling me about it. I gave some thought about it for a little while. And then I told myself, and you know what, let me try it. Let me see what it’s like. Once upon a time in my life when I was younger, I went to a school where some students have special needs. It was an inclusive education. I never thought that some of my friends there is special. Some of them are diagnosed with autism as well and I help them, just like what I’m doing now. I’m older now, the picture is broader. I respect it more. I respect our client’s more. The longer I work for first-choice family services the more I get to talk to people, the more I get to like them. Our relationships, it gets thicker with our bonding. It’s a very respectable job.  


Soon I’ll be taking an advanced class to become medical certified. I’m not a risk-taker. I’m kind of nervous about the test. The kid thing that I cant gets away from. But I relaxed. I’m taking a deep breath and practice, and watch. I want to advance to become elite someday. One day I wanted to become higher than the elite. I want to become a service manager. The opportunities are there. It’s just that what type of person you are. And if you are ready to do it. That’s how I envisioned all of this while working for First Choice Family Services. 


The amount of growth that Tyree Morgan experienced when he decided to step out of his comfort zone is amazing. From being unsure and afraid of changes and growth to becoming more confident every day. That is what the effect of being a direct support professional to Tyree Morgan.