Trick and Treat them Right: A Halloween Special 

Halloween is the one day a year when it becomes normal to recognize the dark side of life. It’s the time of the year where being different is totally cool. This is the time of year when it’s considered vogue to have an imagination. Anyone can buy a Wonderwoman costume from a store. It takes a person with imagination to turn that costume into a Zombie Wonderwoman, or perhaps getting a suit with a hat, and wearing it over-top of the Wonderwoman costume. Or maybe even turning the Wonderwoman costume into another level of costume depending on your imagination. 


Children are celebrated on Halloween. One night a year, they can go out dressed like their favorite princesses and superheroes and have all the candy they want. How awesome is that? They can stay up late and stuff their faces and live in a fantasy reality for a little while. There’s something uniquely childlike about Halloween. On Halloween, people choose to not simply recognize but actively celebrate death. Death! How often are people willing to look at the grim reality of death in the face? It’s also important to acknowledge those that came before us and the spirit world in general. 



Halloween is a time when and faces the inevitable memento mori, but it carries with it an even more significant realization of all that is dark and wicked within the human soul. On Halloween, people choose to acknowledge that they have a dark side. And it’s a good thing. It isn’t to be feared or banished but celebrated and enjoyed. That’s why Halloween is important. 


Work without fun is lifeless, yes? We don’t want to feel lifeless on the day of the celebration of the dead. That is why 1st Choice Family Services always make sure that all the fun stuff will be remembered by our clients. It is the day where you can be who you wanted to be without any judgment from anyone. You can be a spider and no one will give you an insane look why you wanted to be one. Because at the end of the day, it is all about celebration. And celebration means remembering the fun stuff, not the bad ones. 


It’s all about coming together to have fun! 


Halloween proves that the merging and mixing of different cultures will give rise to a wonderful, fun celebration that is meant to bring people together. And if we all wear masks, maybe it’s the time when we are closest to being our true selves: because what’s behind the mask and the costumes will always matter, because we all have unique attributes as an individual. Our company, the 1st Choice Family Services recently celebrated Halloween with all of our direct support professionals and the people that they are supporting. 


This celebration is not just about remembering our departed loved ones, but another wonderful memory that our direct support professionals can share with their clients forever. A memoria that they can keep and will make them remember the fun stuff that our direct support professionals organized to make them happy. To make them feel that being different is not something to be afraid of, but rather something to take pride in because being different is what makes us special. It makes us stand out from the stereotypes in this society. 


It is the celebration where all of our direct support professionals are present with their clients. A time where kids can eat a lot of candies and adults can act like kids. Who wouldn’t love Halloween? People with disabilities deserve to enjoy every celebration that 1st Choice Family Services can come up to. Because after all, it is for them, and for all of our direct support professionals in the field, who are working each day to provide all the needs of their clients. A little appreciation won’t hurt. Right? Working in a company that values you as a person is already a win-win situation. The celebration is just the icing on top of the cake!  




During this pandemic, celebrations, parties, or get together is a badly needed escape for some people. May it be our direct support professionals, or the people with disabilities. It is always a good thing to feed our imagination with magic and fun, celebration, and hope. Being a direct support professional doesn’t just involve doing the basic kinds of stuff, such as: administering medicines, setting up doctor’s appointments, supervising the house, or helping them in doing some chores. Sometimes, it’s being a friend, listening to their stories, being with them when they’re lonely and feeling left out, or creating memories with them. 


So, this Halloween celebration, despite its real essence of remembering our departed ones. Is a celebration that is organized by our direct support professionals for people with disabilities. This celebration will serve as a bridge for another wonderful memoria that will always be a happy place for our clients and staff here at 1st Choice Family Services. 


With all the fun activities and delicious food. Spooky decorations and a very lively atmosphere. This is going to be the most talked-about party this 2020. because even with all the challenges we encountered this year, the spirit of giving and support will always remain. That is our direct support professional’s ode to the people with disabilities. It is a lifetime commitment. 


Because every Halloween we can bring all the spooky cauldrons out and it’s temporarily acceptable to admit to loving all things dark and scary. To some Pagan, it is Samhain, a time to remember our ancestors, and is a very important time for them. To some people it’s fun and you can be whatever and whoever you want. What’s not to like about skeletons, vampires, ghosts, and ghouls, right?