Master the Skills Of being a Direct Support Professional and be Successful

Our lives are supposed to be moving forward, not backward. We have to face each reality with a positive mindset and eagerness to learn and level up. We are not allowed to slack off when there’s a lot of people who depend on us. May it be our own parents, too old to even prepare their own meal, or our siblings who are facing financial debt, or sometimes the people that we are supporting – for our direct support professionals, that is the people with disabilities, their clients. Their clients that need their area of expertise in serving them with genuine love and a better understanding of their disability. 


We cannot master something if we don’t pour our hearts into it. Mastering the art of becoming the best support for people with disabilities will require you to have unlimited patience, courage, positivity, and hard work. This is not just a job that will give you financial stability, it will also give you purpose, and direction in life. There’s a lot of success stories coming from our very own direct support professionals here at 1st Choice Family Services that we would like to share with all of you. From starting as a direct support professional to becoming one of the company’s service managers. We can never be more proud! Their achievements and success stories are also the success of this family. 



This is not just like any other company. This is a family-centered company that guarantees the best services in serving people with disabilities and our community with pure intentions. Our direct support professionals are the face of this company. Upholding the mission of 1st Choice Family Services which is to help people with developmental disabilities overcome life challenges through advocation, self-development, informed decision making, and total community integration is something that we take pride in.  


In today’s busy working environment, it becomes quite hard to accomplish tasks in the given timeline. The long to-do lists and constant meetings can make it challenging to wrap the work promptly. Although, there are certain ways to improve efficiency at work and leave the workplace on time instead of working overtime. There are some ways for time management and increase efficiency at work. That is what our direct support professionals do. 


For starters, if this is something about being productive and honing your skills to be the best in what you are doing, it will boil down to two key things: 


  • Prioritization 
  • Finding your flow 


Setting a clear objective. It’s impossible to get into the flow without having one specific goal to focus intently on––otherwise, you’ll find yourself inherently distracted. You can’t get into flow by trying to work on three things at once. At best, your focus will remain at a kind of surface level for all three. 



Our direct support professionals maintain their passion because working without passion will just leave you feeling burned out. Everyone will have a great amount of passion at the beginning but it’s hard to stick with your passion throughout your work. You have to remember that you should keep yourself in a state of constant passion. Our direct support professionals are very passionate about their work and they always show a positive attitude and energy in the workplace. They immerse themselves in the work every day and after work, when they come home and before bedtime, they keep on reminding themselves that they should maintain a passionate attitude towards their work. 


Passion and hard work combined is a skill that everyone can obtain with a proper sense of direction in their lives. If you wanted to achieve something in your life, you have to work hard to achieve it. There’s no room for progress for people who remains complacent in their job. That is why our direct support professionals do not tolerate slacking off at work because their client’s welfare is their top priority. 


So each of these is distinct skills, yet they inevitably impact each other since honing their ability to prioritize improves their capacity for finding and staying inflow. To maximize their efficiency––a necessity for start-up founders––they are working consciously to maintain both their passion and hard work. A lot of people tried to become a direct support professional because of the compensation it offers. And if you are wondering about the people who stayed for too long in this company, and what might be their secret, it’s simple: they love what they are doing. They love helping people with disabilities. They love making changes in somebody’s life. 


The reason why our direct support professionals are eager to master their skills and keeps on improving every day is that they have found their flow. There’s no other job where you wake up every day, feeling inspired and energized to go to work because you know at the end of the day you will be satisfied with how everything turned out in your life. It’s not every day that you wake up realizing you have a purpose. And that is to make other people’s lives better. 


Finding their flow and staying in this profession, most of our direct support professionals are eager to step up and be the best version of themselves to become future leaders. To extend their services globally in the future. With all the preparations and training they have surpassed to make sure that they are fit and effective in this job. It wasn’t an easy journey, but believe me, when I say, it’s going to be worth it someday. Seeing the smiles on their client’s faces lights up their world. Watching them grow as an individual feels like a jackpot prize in the lottery for them. Watching their clients overcome their struggles, and achieving simple milestones is already our direct support professional’s trophy. 


Becoming successful requires a lot of sacrifices. There’s no such thing as an easy job. We all have our own struggles, what makes our sacrifices fulfilling is the fact that we do not give up. Our direct support professional’s resiliency is what makes them even more competent and amazing.