The Love We Share with other People 

Love is often the strongest emotion that we feel. There are times that we get to experience a series of emotions that we cannot control. Some people say that the strongest emotion that people can feel is anger, loathe, despise, or hatred towards someone. But we overcome all of these emotions because we tend to overlook the imperfections and flaws of some people because we love them. In times that we don’t have any more drive to keep us going, we always tend to pause and look back from where we started to determine the source of our own will to survive. The choices we make are our grip on reality. We uphold our goals because that is what we wanted from the beginning. The path we chose will always be the one that we wanted from the very beginning. It is the love that we invested in something or someone that motivates us to keep moving forward. For more than a couple of years, of wandering in the deepest ocean of my mind, trying to find the meaning of love and life. What I found was that love is undefinable everyone hath his own definition, his own explanation, according to his/her experience with this incredible feeling of life. To Me “Love is the ultimate goal of human existence, to our direct support professionals, love means helping other people. Especially people with disabilities. What love is depends on how you define it. It can feel as mundane and necessary as air – you exist within it, almost unnoticed. Deprived of it, it can feel like an obsession; all-consuming, a physical pain. Love is the driver for all great stories: not just romantic love, but the love of a parent for a child, for family, for the country, or sometimes, it is the love for our job and the people who surround us.  


I guess my best way of explaining what I think love is would be like the solar system. There are a bunch of planets that can represent people. And then of course gravity holds them together. And gravity is sort of like love. No matter how far apart people are, love can hold them together. The company that loves its employees will also produce loving employees that will spread the love they have felt from the company to the people that they are supporting. It’s like a butterfly effect. Small things can have a big impact on someone, or sometimes on the whole society. Just like the advocacy of some people who fight for injustices, regardless of how few are the number of people who believe that the justice system is corrupt as long as there’s one voice who speaks up, it will always change the cause. The black lives matter advocacy that was started by a few individuals was known globally and was spread by a lot of people, including Hollywood celebrities because they believe in that cause. The love of our direct support professionals to people with disabilities was often unrecognized by some people, but because of a few individuals who decided to stay in this field, this profession will remain to thrive and be recognized to be essential in the long run. 


Someday, the whole world will recognize the essential value of Direct Support Professionals in our society. How they affect the lives of people with disabilities. How they make it somehow easier for their client to feel at peace knowing that they are well taken care of by competent individuals. The love we feel towards our job will always bloom, in the end, slow progress is still progress. Patience is always the key when it comes to dealing with people with disabilities. That is why our direct support professionals are good at what they’re doing because their love for the people they support always overcome any challenges that life throws at them.  We have different perspectives on the world that others around us do not. We can always use that to our own advantage. Loving this job would be the best decision that our direct support professionals ever took. It is the best risk that they take. Uncertainties and fear at the beginning of their journey are perfectly normal. What made them overcome all of the confusion and fears is their love for people with disabilities. That for me is the greatest emotion anyone can feel as long as their intentions are pure and genuine. The love and care that they invested in the people that they are supporting even when no one else does, they chose working as a direct support professional when no one else wants to do it. They are selfless people who make sure that their client’s needs come first before their own. A true life-changing job driven by love and passion. It is the kind of job that is overwhelming sometimes but is always glorifying at the end. Working in this field is truly a heroic profession. Because of Direct Support Professionals, people with disabilities feel less isolated and loved. For all the creative things that they do for each client, will always have an impact on their lives. 




Because of our direct professionals, people with disabilities are becoming more independent. Because of their efforts, people with disabilities are becoming more engaged in certain activities that they planned for them. They are no longer stuck inside the four corners of their home. They are becoming more active and more engaged in some activities presented by direct support professionals. Because of their passion, people with disabilities are feeling less insecure because they know that they can always count on them. Because of their skill, the family of their client has greater enjoyment with less stress. 


Love is very powerful. Love is not said to conquer all only as an emotion, but the testaments of our love for other people can indeed pair in accompaniment of a new sprout of a better understanding of life and its flaws. And the importance of our direct support professionals in supporting people with disabilities.