Life Is How You Make It

We are fully in charge of our own viewpoints, moods, and goals. When we are not feeling great, for example, we sometimes fake it to ourselves. Force ourselves to smile and we will quickly see a lift of our mood. But it works simply because we really are our own boss. It is us who makes our day what it is. We are the captain of our own life, and at the end of the day what other people say doesn’t matter as long as the choices we made, feels right. The choices we made will not define us as a person. It will just serve as a guide for us to know what really matters to us. 


We are ultimately the person that decides what happens in our life. We can bow down to others and accept what they want from us or we can lead our lives the way we want to lead it. We are the only person responsible for how things flow in our lives, yes parents and friends can motivate us, but we are ultimately the person who decides whether we chose this path or not. We are the person who decides whether we want to go sweeping the streets or we want to achieve your goal of being an athlete, astronaut, join the army, or help the people with disabilities by becoming direct support professional. We are the only person responsible for how we treat others and can influence how they treat us by how we treat them. We are the sole person responsible for our actions. 



Choosing to become a direct support professional, not because of the salary but because of your love for supporting people with disabilities will make you feel accomplished in your life more than ever. Compassion in supporting our clients to achieve a life that they deserve. Compassion isn’t a choice one makes like a rocky road over walnut fudge ice cream, it’s a form of empathy and a visceral experience. One either feels compassion toward others because they are open to understanding their pain or they don’t. Our direct support professionals have a full understanding that the person that they are supporting needs their help more than ever. 


Compassion for other people, our love for other people, being kind to other people. What drives us to feel this way? Is it because this is what we truly want or we are just being tainted with the idea that we do the things we love for other people genuinely because that is how life should be or are we doing it for ourselves? To maybe, feel good about ourselves? Such an interesting idea. That every choice we make is to somehow make ourselves feel better. Now, tell me about some things that you do that are not colored by ego masquerading in the name of altruism. Because to be honest, being in this kind of profession will give you sense of purpose. It will always erase all the negativity and confusion that you felt when you started. 


The love of our direct support professional for their job, for this field, especially for their clients is their motivation every day. This is what makes them more focused on the goals they wanted to achieve. And that is by moving forward and spreading the services that 1st Choice Family Services offers. Our goal is to make this business bigger not because of the profit but because of the things our direct support professionals can offer to a lot of people. People with disabilities are often isolated from society. We don’t want that. We want them to feel valued, connected, and heard. Having a disability doesn’t make them different or inferior to us, that what makes them even more special. 


Love is what makes protecting our loved ones a priority. It will start with mothers to their children. Until a child can advocate for themselves, they need the family’s protection. Love does that for us. It’s because of our innate human capacity to love, bond, cooperate, reciprocate, and care for one another that allow our civilization to grow into what it is today. Not to mention love gives us purpose, hope, and meaning to our otherwise senseless suffering. What would you stop you from ending your life when life gets tough if you didn’t have anyone or anything you love to live for? So really, love is the energy source of all life and the thread that bond all of us in this human experience. 


It’s about the stories we tell ourselves. The narratives we build in our heads. Once in our life, we will experience to have that one career in our lifetime. Something that will change how we used to view things. Something that will make us strong and vulnerable at the same time. Becoming a direct support professional will make us strong because as a DSP you need to become the bigger person. Their life depends on you. Your client looks up to you as their protector, their confidant, their friend. You have to be strong to overcome the challenges that life throws you, and at the same time, it’s alright to give in with our vulnerability from time to time, because after all, we are just humans. Everything should be balanced, that way we can keep our confidence each day knowing that our weaknesses can also fuel our strengths. 


Sometimes we have to deal with things that are beyond our control. All the wishing in the world won’t make a cripple become a ballerina. But you know what makes them special even if they have a disability? Their positive outlook in life and their imagination over the things that they might find impossible will keep them going. Our perspective in life can keep us from what opportunity we may have. Being a direct support professional should also mean one thing, optimism. Because that is how we should make out with our life. We cannot spread positivity if we are drowning with our own negative emotions.  


That whole thing about lemons and lemonade may sound trite, but it is also true. A proverbial phrase that is used to encourage optimism and a positive can-do attitude in the face of adversity or misfortune. Lemons suggest sourness or difficulty in life; making lemonade is turning them into something positive or desirable. Take a risk, have fun, cry a little, and embrace diversity. After all, life is how you make it.