There Are Different Types of People In This World, What Type Are You?


Often you feel as if you must be in control of your environment. You use strength to improve others’ lives, and you’re seen as heroic, magnanimous, and inspiring to those around you.


Some people have a strong drive and welcome challenge in order to improve their skills. Our direct support professionals use their skills and knowledge in every challenge thrown in their way. They know exactly what to do in certain situations because they are equipped with certain knowledge about dealing with people that has developmental disabilities. They are in control because they know what they are doing. Most of them are challengers because they do no quit when things get rough.



Our direct support professionals are industrious because they have a desire for challenge. Without this desire, people would take shortcuts to make it easier. l believe in a growth mindset in which people believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication & hard work. This view creates a love of learning. We should learn something new every day. And that is what our direct support professionals possess. Every day is a new learning ground for them with different sets of clients that they are supporting.




You will do almost anything to keep the peace and prefer that everything goes smoothly without conflict. Bringing people together and healing conflicts are your specialty. You are known to be creative, optimistic, and supportive.


The single most important thing that makes a peacemaker is someone who can identify the common goal of the two sides, stay focused on it, and continually steer the conversation back to it. 99% of disagreements are about “how” to reach a common goal. That’s silly. If the goal is the goal, we should figure out the best way to get there – your way, my way, or some other way.


It cannot be avoided that in the same workplace, people have different types of perspectives about certain things. It is often the start of a conflict with some other people. The clashing of opinions, ideas, and beliefs. I believe that our direct support professionals are peacemakers because they are bound with common goals, together they are working hand in hand to provide the best services they can offer for people with disabilities. That is their common ground despite their differences. Helping people with disabilities and making sure they can live a life that they deserve.






It might sound like you’re the exploring type, but you tend to be introverted. You prefer to read and write rather than expressing your thoughts out loud. In others, you appreciate intelligence and look up to people that inspires you.





People who have an investigative personality tends to be analytical, scholarly, and intellectual. They enjoy research. Like some of our other direct support professionals who love doing research in some aspects or approach that they needed to hone to make them even more effective in supporting people with disabilities. Each client has a different case to case basis when it comes to their growth and capabilities, so as a direct support professional you should be keener in exploring something new and trying different approach through intensive research.




If you have this personality type, you tend to be extremely friendly and generous. Your defining characteristics are empathy, sincerity, altruistic, selflessness, and unconditional love for others. However, you can sometimes be taken advantage of because of your desire to constantly help others.



Our direct support professionals are natural-born helpers. They find it fulfilling actually. Not only does it makes them happy but it gives them a sense of purpose as well. Purpose is what keeps us all sane as human beings. It really brings a sense of contentedness in what we are doing in our life. The path we take. The decisions we make. The beliefs we stand up for.


They take pride in giving and sharing their life with people who cannot give them anything back in return: (without expectations). That was the most purest form of love. The sense of gratitude that their clients have, as and when they support them and stay with them through the hard times, it gives our direct support professionals too much joy. It also touches them immensely knowing that their clients are also the purest people they’ve met in their whole life, and knowing that they somehow made a difference in their life is something that keeps them motivated to do even better.




You are known to be energetic, ambitious, and highly driven for advancement. Extremely dedicated to your work, it’s likely you set store by other people’s opinions. Whether positive or negative, you’re likely to make decisions based on what other people think of you.

Being an achiever is an innate drive.


Our direct support professionals are some of the most driven people in the world and if you look them in the eyes, you can’t look away because you’ll see this captivating fire roaring that just pulls you in and immerses you in every word they say and convinces you that being a direct support professional is the best job that they ever have in their whole life. It’s a combination of innate intelligence, drive, or motivation in the support field or in general, and opportunities to demonstrate those characteristics to a sufficient level that makes them effective direct support professionals.




As a reformer, you’re always striving to improve the world around you. Wisdom, discernment, realism, and nobility are your defining characteristics. You are conscientious, and ethical, with a strong sense of right and wrong.


Just like our direct support professionals who strive hard to improve a safer world for the people with disabilities. Their advocacy in helping their clients to live a life away from dangers. Protecting their human rights, helping them to be connected in the society, and building a better world for them. That is our direct support professionals mission.