Where Do Direct Support Professionals Fit into This World?

Most have forgotten the point of their existence and so they peer through the mist with nearsightedness, grasping at things hoping their choices yield the fruition of more. By what standards you see success is the measure you will use to find the place of comfort you can call a fitting. Everything has a purpose. There are no accidents. You are where you are meant to be for the purpose and reason you are. I find the reason beyond where our understanding maybe is to experience all that is to everything so that our positions of knowing cannot be without having knowledge.  


The lesson you chose at this time is exactly where you should be. No one else can tell you where to be but to show you how to be everything where you are at. So, where you fit into this world is exactly where you asked to be when you chose to fill the position of who you are. Remember, you are more than what you think. You are capable of doing a lot of things that other people cannot do because you chose to believe in yourself. You chose to be where you are right now. 


All the moments of uncertainties and confusion when you started to become a direct support professional will soon fade away because you know that choosing this path will give you a sense of purpose. It will lead you in the right direction of knowing where you exactly fit in. Sometimes, despite the uncertainties and fears that we felt during the moments that we often question ourselves if we are doing the right thing, just one look at the people who depend on us will melt all those fears away.  



Where you will head in life, will be determined by your choices. These choices are of prime importance. Now if you make choices that sound awesome but don’t make you happy, then all your life you will be cursing yourself. Bottom line- think, explore, decide. For your own self. The choices you make may never affect you completely but it will somehow have a positive effect on the people around you. So, to all our direct support professionals who continue to strive every day, even in times that they are facing personal problems, uncertainties, setbacks, you are our MVPs.  


You already fit in this world. Just because you haven’t found yourself doesn’t mean you are lost. I haven’t found myself yet but with the years passing by I can sense the colors I resonate with. Just give yourself time to grow. After all, you chose to be in this field. You have a wonderful life ahead of you, you may feel lost at times, but in the eyes of the people with disabilities, you are the missing puzzle that fits into their world perfectly. 


We have a lot of things to give to this world. Advice, thoughts, knowledge, helping someone physically, and monetarily. But only if someone wants to take it. Or even helping someone overcome the challenges that they are facing in their life. Fitting in this society should come out naturally. The more we tend to force things, the more disappointment will happen if the outcome is not exactly the way we wanted it to be. 


All the world’s a stage, we are merely players, and no one has read the script beforehand. So don’t let it fool you if someone seems to know the lines already. We are all ad-libbing as best we can. So, relax. Take time to contemplate and remember the reasons why you started to be in this field. Remember who you are. A loving person, who loves helping people, especially the people with developmental disabilities. A hard-working person that never tolerate absences, or latencies in their job because they know that the life of their clients is on the line. A passionate person whose fire keeps burning every day and inspires a lot of people who surround them.  



People have an unfortunate tendency of measuring their self-worth in accordance with things like their relationship status, job title, or income—as if being a wife, VP, or the owner of a six-figure salary is all that could ever define a person. But it’s not. Those are just superficial things. Your self-worth wouldn’t be measure by the amount of money you earned. Your self-worth would be determined by the level of satisfaction you have felt each time you are helping someone. You will then realize that you are important. Because somebody is looking up to you. You may feel a little down sometimes but you have to remember that because of your job, as a direct support professional, and your existence in the lives of the people you are supporting with. You are making a difference. 


We don’t need to fit into the society we are living in, as long as we felt that we fit into someone’s life perfectly, sometimes it is enough. Making small changes in someone’s lives will enlighten your direction towards the path that you chose. And little by little, you will look yourself into the mirror and tell yourself that this is what you are born to do. This is where you fit in. Because in this job you have felt the fulfillment that you haven’t felt before from your previous job. 


Remember, you are a direct support professional. You are the epitome of strength in the support field even in this pandemic. You are the unsung heroes of today’s generation. You are valuable. You make a lot of changes in the life of people with disabilities. You are the future leader for the people you inspire. Your job is relevant. You are making a big difference in the life of people with developmental disabilities. You are essential. You matter. You are YOU.