Be The Light in Someone’s Life

In this world full of darkness and uncertainties, be that candle that can light up the whole room. You don’t need to light up the whole world to realize you shine, sometimes in a single dark room, you are the only thing that can make a difference. Just like in the life of some people with disabilities, being their direct support professional is enough to bring happiness and comfort in their life. Your tiny light will always bring warmth and comfort to their home. 


To help someone, the best you can do is motivate the person, help him find his strengths, and support them in their struggles. That’s our direct support professional’s job every day. Making their client’s lives easier and better. Motivating their clients to see the beauty of the world every day, helping them find their strengths, and making them realize that their disability doesn’t make them less as a person. Supporting them in dealing with their struggles and making sure that they will overcome every challenge thrown their way. Making them feel that in their battles, they will not face it alone because our direct support professionals are always there to be with them. 


Our direct support professionals are selfless people who chose this job out of compassion and love for people with disabilities. It is in their best interest to motivate people with disabilities because they wanted to bring out the best in them. They do it because they believe that they have greatness inside of them and that they cannot just sit still because otherwise, the world will never see what they are capable of. Direct support professionals are there to help them discover the things that they thought impossible from the beginning. Helping them reach important milestones in their lives, and celebrate it with them. 


Everyone has a light inside of them, something only they are capable of showing to the world, something that only they can do. People with disabilities are the happiest people. They will laugh and smile all day without a reason. Their happiness is contagious that is why our direct support professionals love to hang out with them. If you just give them attention for a few seconds then they will remember you and love you. It’ll honestly make their day. And that is worth motivating them for them. 


Our direct support professionals always see the best in others and encourage them in what they do. Everybody has something about them that is worth complimenting or encouraging. It doesn’t just end in the people that they are supporting with but also they are always encouraging one another to be the best in what they are doing. Being the best doesn’t mean you have to compete with others, our direct support professionals are working as a team. And to become an effective group of people with the common goal to support people with disabilities, they always make sure that no one is going to be left behind. Uplifting one another, guiding the newbies, and encouraging them to keep going. Beginnings are sometimes the hardest, but once you realize the importance of your job, you will definitely fall in love with it. 


Working as a team, helping one another, making sure that everyone is on the same page will make the feeling of fulfillment even greater. Our direct support professionals and our leaders in the field, motivate others, not for the cookie points, but because it helps them to become the best support in this field, and it builds up friendships. People who may encourage us in our difficult times are the people who can inspire us to do better.  


The greatest motivation that our direct support professionals can provide to other people, most especially to their clients is to learn to live their life in a manner that fulfills them. We don’t need to please everybody. We must learn to accept that people have a different set of perspectives. So we should surround ourselves with people who light up our world like how our direct support professionals do for their clients. Even if a person is down in the dumps they would still notice the charisma and enthusiasm that they have. 




The light that they give in other people’s lives is rewarded not by money, or any verbal words most of the time but by their client’s smiles and “Thank Yous”. And for our direct support professionals, it is enough to make their lives more fulfilled. The most uplifting thing about people with disabilities is that they’re extremely pure, innocent, joyful, and friendly little creatures. That is why most of our direct support professionals love to surround themselves with their clients most of the time because even if they are the one who supports them every day, their clients also bring out the best in them, and that’s what makes their job easier.  


Our direct support professionals live by their own principles and act in an authentic and caring way towards others. They love what they are doing and they are genuinely caring people. Having pure intentions in pursuing this job can give you the stability you are looking for a job, and it can also help you to grow as a person, especially in your career. When you do the best in every task given to you, you automatically also motivate others to go after their own ideals and dreams. 


You are not just a direct support professional, you are an inspiration to someone who aspires to become a direct support professional as well. You are the epitome of a great example to your colleagues who appreciate all your hard work and dedication in doing your job every day. You are the future of this industry because you possess excellence and integrity in your workaround. You are the light in your client’s life because with you around, it makes their life easier. You are becoming the best version of yourself every day, and you must be proud of that.