Ray of Sunshine on Their Clients Stormy Day

When people describe you as their ray of sunshine it means that you are considered a happy person who makes other people feel happy, especially in a difficult situation. You are viewed as an optimistic person who brings nothing but happiness when you are inside the room surrounded by people. Your positivity radiates in every situation thus it’s making other people’s lives easier because of your presence. It means that you bring happiness and lightheartedness wherever you go.  


Some people have a smile that lights up a room and things always seem better when they are around. It is also used by people who find comfort in the presence of another who consoles them. In this case, the ray of sunshine could be replaced with “You are a ray of hope.” and sometimes those people are called direct support professionals. In a world where negativity is always present every day, our direct support professionals are the shield that protects people with disabilities from this cruel world. 


Positivity, happiness, and confidence are all interrelated and the choice is yours as to whether you decide to have it, work on it, and make it a habit. Our direct support professionals possess those behaviors because it is a must if you are going to push yourself in working for people with disabilities. This job is not for everyone. It takes great courage, willingness, compassion, and love for supporting people in general that will make you last in this field. That is why our direct support professionals are compassionate people who always remain to be the one that holds together even when sometimes things are falling apart in their client’s life. 


It’s not every day that we are always happy, but it is up to us how we deal with certain challenges that come our way. It’s a matter of perspective as to what other people might say. We have different levels of coping up, what matters the most is our progress in trying to improve our lives every day. Just like the relationship between direct support professionals and their clients. Building trust with their client doesn’t happen overnight. It takes weeks, months, or probably a year to build a strong relationship with them. Our direct support professionals do not treat them as clients, they treat them like family. And as a family member, we always wanted what’s best for our family, and we always do the best we can to provide that kind of life for them. 


To spread positivity and happiness towards other people just like our direct professionals do. We must remember these things.  


  • Practice being grateful. Start by writing down three things you’re thankful for every day. Then start writing thank you notes to people. 


  • Surround yourself with positive people. Gracefully end connections with whiners and complainers. While you may feel good about being their psychiatrist and coach, over the long haul, they’re sucking your positive energy. Positive people will motivate you. 


  • Love yourself. You are a unique, and special person. Do not compare yourself to others because you do not know their real story. Love who you were, who you are, and who you want to be. 



“Our Clients Are the Reason We Come to Work”



Our direct support professionals are people who remain positive in any situation. They are working hand in hand to ensure that no one is left behind. They are a team, and that’s what makes them stronger. The most effective teamwork happens when individual team members harmonize their efforts and work toward a common goal. Effective teamwork is vital in order to reap the rewards of higher productivity, fewer internal struggles, and a more enjoyable work experience. 


Teamwork is working together to achieve a goal. Our direct support professionals’ goal is to help people with developmental disabilities overcome life challenges through advocation, self-development, informed decision making, and total community integration. It is a recursive process where two or more people work together to realize shared goals. It is much more than the intersection of common goals. It is a collective determination to reach an identical objective by sharing knowledge, learning, and building consensus. 


People who are very self-motivated make great team members. Always looking for ways they can contribute, not for themselves, but for the team’s success. Each of our direct professionals has different personalities, a different set of skills, and a different type of approach to their clients. But they all share a common goal to help people with disabilities overcome life challenges every day. That’s what makes their work essential to the people who need their help the most. 


It’s really tough to remain motivated every single day, but motivation is something that cannot be taught by someone. Most especially when we are dealing with stress at work, or even in our personal life. What makes our direct support professionals motivated every day is the fact that with this profession, they can make a difference in other people’s lives. And they always remember that people with disabilities depend on them, they are their client’s lifeline. They do not just make their client’s life easy, but they also made them happy. 


Life is short, it gives us all enough opportunities to learn. Every day we should focus on our present and look forward to the future, there is no point in dwelling in the past. We should learn to acknowledge the experiences we have learned before that makes us who we are today. We are sharing a common goal to help people with disabilities achieve the best life possible with our direct support professionals as one of their support systems. It is our duty to remain true to what we believe in because our direct support professionals are the voice of the voiceless, the protector of the weak, and the ray of sunshine in our client’s stormy clouds.