It Only Takes One Person

You have probably read this line or saw a post on it in social media “Sometimes it only takes one person to believe in you to change your life forever.” Alice Feeney, a British novelist of this generation wrote that in her book I Know Who You Are. As we get older we will feel more at peace with who we are. We reach a point where we have finally settled into the growth we’ve had as an individual and won’t care much about it. It’s a different story when you’re young. We find it hard to believe in ourselves and our dreams.


We tend to seek validation from all around us. Worry about what others think. But do we really need to be validated by others in order to have faith in ourselves? Does it really matter what others think? The truth is, the only people we need validation from and whose thoughts matter, are the ones close to you and care about you. Those that want to see you and help you become your best self. Those that love you for who you are. Because more often than not, they’re the people who believe in you.


In this digital world, we easily get drawn to social media and seek validity from it. How many reactions we get, how many comments, the number of followers we have, and so on. We watch these things manipulate our lives and allow it to take control over our emotions. We are so attached to the online world that we feel left out and irrelevant when we’re not getting any interaction through it. Don’t stress yourself over these things. You’re not missing out on anything if you don’t get tons of notifications. What you’re really missing out on is life around you.


Remember that you don’t need hundreds of reactions and constant commenters. You can live without thousands of followers and it doesn’t matter if you’re part of someone’s “close friends” list or not. You just need one great person in real life — one person who believes in you, pushes you to do great things, and be there by your side when it gets rough. Find one or maybe a couple of individuals who want to see you do great and build good relationships with them. You’ll realize it’s way better than having hundreds that don’t even know who you truly are. Even one person is enough because as Dr. Seuss tells us “To the world you may be one person; but to one person you may be the world.”



Here at 1st Choice Family Services, our direct support professionals take on that role in the lives of their clients with developmental disorders. When the world views them as helpless, DSPs see their potential to progress. When everyone thinks they are pitiful, DSPs see they hold so much strength. When people say they’re a burden, DSPs know they’re not problems but people. The vast majority still hold stereotypes and discriminate against the developmentally disabled but DSPs walk the path less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.


In reality, some people don’t have the privilege to choose how their lives will be played out while others have. Those who do should use it to make a difference, especially in the lives of those that do not. All it takes is one person. In the world we live in, no one really knows who you are, what extraordinary talent you possess, or how much potential you have — until one day someone decides to believe in you and your life will change forever.