Your Timing is Always Perfect

At some point in our lives, we probably have felt left behind. It’s easy to feel that way when everything around us moves quickly. We doubt our progress and belittle ourselves because we see people younger than us achieve greater things, yet here we are still trying to get through life one day at a time. Social media shows us the lives of people living in extravagance, and we’re here living paycheck to paycheck. We all have to remember, we’re born in different circumstances, and that gives us distinct advantages. Work to your advantage and things will happen for you.


If each day feels like a fight to you, if it’s always an uphill battle that’s exhausting then just gets better at fighting back. There’s no point in thinking about what-ifs that would have led you to a different place. What-ifs are best used in the future. “What if I try harder tomorrow?” then do it. “What if I put my best foot forward and regret nothing?” Go ahead and do it. “What if I set weekly goals and do my best to achieve them?” That’s a great idea. Always start with a positive mindset.


No matter how small, progress is progress. Take it one day at a time. If you didn’t get to do anything much today you may think to yourself: “What use is a person who accomplishes so little in a day?” Yes, you could have done more in 24 hours but it’s no reason to make an enemy of yourself. Learn to appreciate and find value in the small steps you take because no matter how small they are it leads you a step closer to your goals. Life isn’t a race, so why should we pressure ourselves on how fast we move from one point to another?


We have to keep in mind that life happens in perfect timing. Whether you experience failure, delays with problems or continued success – the timing is always perfect. You were meant to stop when you failed because it’s a learning point. The moment you start again, you don’t start with nothing – you start with experience. When your goal gets delayed because of a problem, take your time, you need it. You aren’t moving onto the next phase rapidly because you aren’t ready for it. If you were, you wouldn’t have the problem. If you experience continued success, it means you prepared yourself well, so life sails smoothly.


We often hear the phrase “slowly but surely” and it makes so much sense when you’re trying to achieve goals you set for yourself. Our direct support professionals understand the importance of this phrase. When caring for clients with developmental disabilities, things can’t be rushed. The personalized daily routines they meticulously create for their clients are the small steps they take every day to reach their end goal. These steps can change as they go along the way because of the hurdles they find. They may slow down on some days and progress quickly on others.


Delays and setbacks are normal; a sound plan does not guarantee 100% success. Pursuing a goal is a path full of detours and adjustments. Our direct support professionals handle these setbacks very well. The commitment they have to give the best life for their clients allows them to stay flexible and overcome different obstacles. To them, it’s a necessary part of the journey that prepares them and allows them to face future challenges better. They can realign their plans with the environment they are in and determine which path has bigger potential or works better.



Our direct support professionals’ passion towards helping people with developmental disabilities drives their commitment to continue and journey forward to achieving their client’s goal. Every day they spend together to work on their goal means progress. How big or small the progress is doesn’t matter because the daily progress they make accumulates and contributes to achieve the goals set. They’ll have good days and bad days, but towards the end when they’ve finally achieved their goals, together they’ll look back and realize they’ve come a long way.


We shouldn’t compare our pace and progress with that of others because we all live different lives. Learn to appreciate the journey because it matters just as much as the destination. Some get to their goals quickly and some have to find their way through all the obstacles and reach theirs at a later time. But no matter how slowly or quickly the journey, the timing is always perfect.