Take the Good with the Bad

The work of a direct support professional is not for everyone. Caring for people with developmental disabilities is difficult. Our direct support professionals help clients with developmental disabilities in terms of personal care, companionship, medical needs, and community integration. It might sound easy to most of us because these are mundane concerns of day-to-day life. But for the developmentally disabled, it’s a challenge they face every day. Learning daily routines, doing household work, going out for errands, spending leisure time, and taking on responsibilities are just some tasks they slowly learn to do independently.


Our direct support professionals are the caring, loving, and compassionate individuals who help these people with developmental disabilities gradually become independent. They see good days where everything goes according to our client’s specialized routine. Some days don’t go as planned. But our direct support professionals know how to take the good with the bad. They don’t get disheartened whenever they do their best, but things don’t turn out well. Keeping the negativity from an unfavorable event is not something they practice at work. Our direct support professionals always start on a positive note and sustain it throughout their shift because they know how they project themselves to their client directly influences their client’s behavior.


Most of our clients here at 1st Choice Family Services are very kind, sweet, and smart individuals. Their developmental disability does not make them any different from other people who wake up each day and do great things in their life. Under the care of our direct support professionals, they can do more every day. They get to accomplish tasks at home and in their communities and create value. They slowly learn to be independent in their daily routines. However, in pursuing a career that makes a positive impact on people’s lives, it’s not always going to be positive.



Here at 1st Choice Family Services, our direct support professionals have experienced a fair share of negativity in their line of work. Some days they attend to their clients who act out or display unpleasant behavior. What makes our direct support professionals great is the way they handle these situations. They are very adept at their job and do not take these circumstances personally, even when it can get a bit personal. Knowing how to set aside their feelings and prioritize their client makes them excel at their job. They always embody the goal of giving people with developmental disabilities the best life. No matter what challenges they face or how many bad days they experience, they keep in mind that what they do for their clients ultimately leads to that goal.


When you enter something or place yourself in a certain situation, take the good with the bad. In any situation, you’re never going to find one that’s all positive or all negative. So, learn to ride both because that’s the reality of things. Our direct support professionals are aware of this reality, and that allows them to carry on to the end . When they face adversities, they know how to learn from them and refocus on the goals. They are passionate about giving people with developmental disabilities the best life they can ever imagine and they devote themselves to that cause even if it means swimming against the current now and then.