The Best Antidote to Work Stress

The global pandemic has shown us how unpredictable our world can be. It has forced us to become adaptable and flexible given our new work environment. Most of us are working from home and some have added responsibilities with homeschooling children. Our jobs have invaded our homes and we can’t really draw a distinct line between work days and days off. That plus the fear and anxiety brought by the COVID-19 virus have given us a lot to worry and stress over. Managing work stress has become a priority for us.


Our homes have become both a workplace and a place of leisure and relaxation. How is that even possible? We have a high dependence on technology to maintain our connection to the outside work. For people who love to go out and de stress, it’s hard to manage work stress with home life responsibilities. The pandemic has cut our creativity and freedom in dealing with our daily stressors. We now live in the “new normal” figuring out day after day how to make our routines work and remain in the safety of our homes.


Achieving work-life balance in one setting is a bit tricky. There are no boundaries for work being done at the “office” and home life with family members. Having both in the same place, you may find yourself either lacking the will to turn on your laptop and go to work or you’re extremely motivated and comfortable at home and you overwork yourself. Attaining work-life balance is like walking on a tightrope, desperately trying to find your equilibrium.


The remedy to work stress in the “new normal” is to not view work as work and life as life. To live a less stressful life, pursue the line of work you’re passionate about. If your work does not excite you, if it isn’t fun to do, do yourself a huge favor and go after your passion. Life is too short to waste your time doing things that don’t light your fire. I know it sounds scary to leave when you’re paid a lot, but is it really worth your happiness and contentment?



Here at 1st Choice Family Services, we are a family of professionals passionate about helping people with developmental disabilities live life fully. Our direct support professionals go the extra mile in caring for our clients because they are passionate about helping people. When they begin their shifts, they start the day with enjoyment. They wake up excited to go to work because they know that they are there to create a positive impact in the lives of their clients with developmental disabilities. With this is mind, work for them doesn’t really feel like work. It is as if they are living the lives they always wanted.


Doing the work that you are passionate about, you rarely have the need to take a break to reset and refocus. Instead of feeling heavy and dreadful about another day at work, it fuels you to do more every day, to wake up and be thrilled about the positive changes you can bring about today. Pursuing the career you’re passionate about allows you to be more productive at work because you’re doing the job you want to do. Your effort will come naturally and you become free from the stress that comes with accomplishing tasks you don’t want to do.


Our direct support professionals are great at what they do because they’ve found that equilibrium between work and life. They are having fun at work, they are happy with the job they do, and they feel a great sense of accomplishment every day. It fills their soul to help people with developmental disabilities. Whenever they need time to unwind and refocus, the thought of going back to work doesn’t feel exhausting. Our direct support professionals enjoy their work as much as their downtime. The best antidote to work stress is to pursue the career you’re passionate about because you’ll be much happier and more productive in work and in life. You’ll find yourself at your best naturally because you love what you’re doing and not because you’re after another paycheck.