Three Things that Make Up the Christmas Spirit

Christmas Day is right around the corner. Those who celebrate it are busy putting up trees and switching on Christmas lights. It’s the season where people are brimming with joy and good will. We look forward to family members coming home, tasty home-cooked meals, presents and maybe some miracles. It is a magical season that produces love and joy.



Everyone has their own way of celebrating Christmas. Some people are extra generous with buying presents, some go on holiday trips, and some stay at home to enjoy the holidays with the family. There’s no right or wrong way to celebrate this season. However, many of us often forget about the true spirit of Christmas. Christmas is more than just the shopping sprees, decorating, gift giving and wonderful food. It’s not just about merrymaking; it’s more than that.


Here are the three basic things that truly make up the Christmas spirit:




Appreciation is often ignored or misunderstood, especially on Christmas. Many of us feel extremely appreciative whenever we receive expensive gifts and feel somewhat less than that when we receive ordinary ones. This shouldn’t be the case. Appreciation should never be proportional to the face value of things. Many people feel dissatisfied with their lives because they focus on what they don’t have. We constantly compare ourselves to others. We spend little to no time appreciating what’s right in front of us. Part of the real Christmas spirit is when we learn to notice and appreciate everything we have. Knowing that the simple things like gathering as a family, having a meal and being alive is more than enough reason to be grateful for.




Christmas is the season of giving. We see shops during Christmas sales with people rushing to get presents and acts of charity everywhere. To embrace the true meaning of Christmas, we don’t need a pile of gifts.  We might just need to dig deep and give gifts that come from the heart. The material gifts might be a symbol of our love and thoughtfulness; but remember, we can be loving and thoughtful without spending money.  Many lost their jobs because of the COVID-19 pandemic so let’s lessen the burden by not imposing material gifts. The best gift we can give and receive on Christmas is love, care and compassion. No amount of money or anything material can ever be equal to the love we share and the time we spend making memories.


Acts of Kindness


To truly embrace the Christmas spirit, acts of kindness are important. With the world suffering from a pandemic, we need each other now more than ever. Show kindness and be of service to those who need it the most, this is the spirit of Christmas. It can be as simple as helping an older couple shovel snow, offering a meal to the homeless or making a donation. These simple acts of kindness show the true spirit of Christmas. We can enjoy the holidays better knowing we helped those in need and it made their holiday season better.



Here at 1st Choice Family Services we make it a point to spread the Christmas spirit through these three simple things. Our direct support professionals embody the Christmas spirit in the work they do. They give unconditional love and care to our clients with developmental disabilities. When our direct support professionals take on their shifts and go through the daily routine of their clients, whether it’s a big or small task it is always done with care and in kindness. Love is the foundation of the relationship they have with their clients, and it allows them to conquer even the most challenging tasks.

The Christmas spirit lives within people who have generous hearts. Our direct support professionals together with our clients give and receive the greatest gift of all – the opportunity to connect, understand and move forward together. Gifts don’t have to come in shiny packaging. When we overcome our struggles we are gifted with lessons. When we move past pain we are gifted with healing. When we lose our jobs, we are gifted with a new perspective on abundance. I hope this Christmas we all learn to recognize and appreciate the gifts we’ve been blessed with since birth. To quote the author Janice Maeditere, “Christmas is not as much about opening our presents as opening our hearts.”


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