The Choices You Didn’t Take

Life is a series of decisions you make. Each day we make things happen for us with a stream of decisions. Most are mundane but some are crucial and life-changing. The crucial decisions can haunt you during your life. Because we make so many choices every single day, we end up getting frustrated and lost. So instead of making choices based on logical reasoning we may decide based on memories and experiences.


Deciding what to eat, where to go and what time we leave are the minor choices you make every day. The difficult ones are choosing which property to invest in, what car to buy, which job offer to take and more. Whether it’s a minor or major decision, our brains can make it hard for us to make a good choice. It’s difficult to stick to a single perspective in choosing. Making choices not based on careful thinking can go wrong.


In our lives, we either end up making an excellent decision that leads us to success or a poor decision that places us in an unfavorable circumstance. Whichever decision we make, it’s good to remember this quote by Stephen Covey, author of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, “I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.” With this, we come to realize that the choices we make define us as individuals and determine our life’s journey.


We should take ownership of our lives by decisions based on what we know is right and good for us, not what other people think. Many people are pursuing careers they don’t even want. They spent years in college or years working at a job that they may regret. Seeking approval from other people or choosing a path based on a high salary and prestige over what you’re passionate about will live with you forever. You might learn to ignore the feeling of regret it brings, but it’s always there. You could be haunted with “what ifs” for the rest of your life.



Here at 1st Choice Family Services, our direct support professionals are where they want to be. They are passionate about helping people with developmental disabilities progress and live life to the fullest. Some of them made a choice to leave their corporate jobs to pursue their passion and work with us. The job of a direct support professional is not for everyone because it demands a lot of time, effort, patience and compassion to care for the developmentally disabled. Our direct support professionals love what they’re doing and don’t regret choosing this career despite that demand. Why? Because it’s what they are passionate about and because of that they do great at work.


The choices we didn’t make are the ones we often regret especially when it has something to do with our own morals and feelings. We often get too caught up in what other people think or what our image is if we choose something over another. The intense desire to look good inhibits your ability to stay true to yourself, be authentic and stay happy. Caring for people with disabilities, our direct support professionals know that part of our society still can’t fully accept people with developmental disabilities. The job they do creates a safe space and environment for our clients to be their authentic selves.


Our direct support professionals help our clients with developmental disabilities live their best life by uplifting them. Every day they do specialized routines that cater to their client’s specific needs and highlight their capabilities. Our clients are part of a community wherein they are valued and given positive roles. Whatever our clients are good at, our direct support professionals further develop them, and that gives them the feeling that they are important in their community. They don’t let a part of society keep them from doing what they love because our direct support professionals help them gain self-worth. Other people’s opinions are just that – opinions.


Whatever choice you make it should make you happy. We all get one chance at life. All the doubts and difficulties we have are trivial compared to the happiness and contentment we can possibly experience if we choose to. Suffering is a choice, allowing yourself to be a victim of other people’s opinions is a choice, staying unhappy is a choice. Misery and pain are inevitable, but how we react towards these things is completely under our control, as is the ability to be happy. It might be a challenge to get out of the dark but it’s one that’s worth every effort. The choices we make or didn’t make have repercussions that can last a lifetime, so choose the ones that bring you happiness and contentment, not regret.