The Fundamentals of Life

The past few months living amidst a global pandemic have been hard. In such trying times, it often forces us to look at our lives and see any voids. Some lost their jobs, some lost family members and some lost opportunities they were looking forward to. Staying at home most of the time and seeing less of the outside world has given us the time to reflect and we may notice that something seems to be missing.


We try so hard to find that missing piece in our lives or try to fill our void with activities or by buying things, thinking we found the answer. For some, it just might be, but for others we may still feel like there’s something lacking despite having everything we want. We take time to reflect on our lives again, and we discover that the fundamentals of life aren’t the grand objects we are easily attracted to. It’s actually the simple things that don’t have monetary value but give our lives value and meaning. I’m talking about our purpose, health, time and relationships. These four fundamentals of life are what we need to prioritize and nurture.




Find your purpose in life because it can answer why you exist. Defining your purpose allows you to really live life. It’s what keeps you going, the force that pushes you when life gets rough and the idea you want to bring into this world despite the uncertainties of the future. If you haven’t figured out your purpose yet ask yourself, “Where do you want to be a couple of years from now?”, “What lights the fire inside you?” or “What makes you want to get up and be productive every morning?” Answering these questions will give you the truth about what really matters to you.


Here at 1st Choice Family Services, our mission is to help people with developmental disabilities overcome life challenges and be able to live life to the fullest. The people behind bringing this purpose to our clients are our direct support professionals. They wake up each morning with that in mind and carry out their work with those with developmental disabilities.




Our health is something we often overlook until we get signs from our bodies that catch our attention. With the COVID-19 pandemic taking over the world, we’ve been faced with many challenges and one major challenge is trying to make ends meet. Many people lost their jobs and are taking on any open position just to bring food to the table. While we prioritize getting a paycheck we must also realize that our health is equally important. While we’re in good health, we should give it value and sustain it. Don’t wait for complications to arise before giving it the attention it needs. As they say, health is wealth. Love yourself by keeping your mind and body healthy. Have a daily routine that considers both the right nutrition and exercise.


Our direct support professionals know it’s important to keep their mind and bodies healthy so they can help our clients do the same. When you love yourself and know how to take care of yourself well, loving and caring for others will come naturally. They function better every day and are more productive because they place importance in their own health.




Some of us will complain that we don’t have enough time, while others seem to get everything done in the equal number of hours we have in a day. This all boils down to how we manage our time, how we prioritize things and the choices we make every day. If you don’t know how to prioritize things in your life you’ll end up taking on too much responsibility and 24 hours will never be enough. Learn to determine your priorities and stick to them because it becomes an unhealthy habit to spend too much time on things that take away time from yourself. You’ll feel unhappy and dissatisfied with your life when you don’t have space for the things that matter to you.


Our clients can balance their needs and wants because of the specialized routine that our direct support professionals craft for them. Every day they accomplish the tasks they need to be addressed and also have fun by including activities. Here at 1st Choice Family Services, we know that understanding our clients’ needs and wants well will allow us to create innovative ways for them to reach their goals and enjoy the journey. Time is a precious commodity that once spent will never return.  So, as much as possible, we make every minute count.




We are all so busy trying to live our lives that it may prevent us from maintaining healthy relationships. With all the deadlines we have to meet, goals we need to achieve and tasks we have to get done, our relationships are often put aside. We end up seeing our loved ones as too demanding of our time and we often neglect them, setting aside their feelings and proceeding with our day. Our relationships are part of our foundation. In trying times like these, relationships can be our refuge. Learn to value relationships and nurture them while our loved ones are still here. It’s as simple as allotting time and space for your family.



Our company, 1st Choice Family Services, is guided with family principles. We are all one family. Our direct support professionals are like brothers and sisters who never fail to have each other’s backs. We treat our clients as family members and that’s how we can provide the best care for them. Our direct support professionals together with their clients overcome challenges as a family and that strengthens their bonds. The relationships they create with their clients can last a lifetime.