Jobs in Columbus OH: Where to find them.

Jobs in Columbus OH: Where to find them.


If you don’t know what a DSP is or does, don’t worry  80% of the world population doesn’t either (that’s one of our missions too- to inform people about DSPs.)

So, a DSP is a person who provides professional support for people with developmental disabilities.

In other words, we help people with disabilities live up to their fullest potential. 

Awesome right? Now, here’s why becoming a DSP could be the best job opportunity for you.


Here are some facts. If you’ve been looking for jobs in Columbus lately, you probably have seen a lot of jobs that require previous experience, a college degree, or that have gender and age limits. 

Meaning? Your chances have just crashed on the floor along with your hope of getting some excellent well deserved vacation this year.

And there’s when becoming a DSP (with us especially) comes in handy. The only requirement you need to work with us as a DSP is a high school diploma and a passion for helping others. Everything else like training and certificates we will provide and pay for. Is that cool or what? 

Click here to apply for jobs in Columbus!

But: That’s not all. There’s even more excellent news.


If you decide that no, you don’t have the patience to care for others (even when somebody already has done that for you), that’s perfectly fine. We get it, and you can still find your way on to our payroll. How?

Just click the link below to apply to one of the open positions from Customer Representative Services to Marketing Manager.

Click here to apply for jobs in Columbus!

There’s absolutely nothing to fear if you are looking to get hired in Columbus since, as you just saw, it just becomes more accessible for those who have zero experience thanks to 1ST CHOICE FAMILY SERVICES.

If you want to get more information about the careers, click the link below. Then, click here to apply for jobs in Columbus!


1st choice family services

11st Choice Family Services supports people with developmental disabilities by connecting them with expert direct support professionals who help them overcome challenges and live their best lives.

Direct Support Professionals you can rely on. We help people with developmental disabilities become the best version of themselves. Get to Know 1st Choice Family Services.

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