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The safest way to protect your family from the Covid outbreak.

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At 1CFS, our healthcare careers are all about giving back to the community. Our Covid Rapid response team ensures you and your loved ones are fully secured at all times.

We aim to keep your family safe and protected through infrared scans, electrostatics guns, and regularly strict disinfection protocols.

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Disposable gloves, microfiber Mops, cloths, and 100% bleach-free disinfecting solutions are our ways to ensure there is no harm to you or your family during our process.

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Fast Non Disruptive Process

While we recommend leaving the house through the disinfection, you still can go back 15 minutes after we finish the entire process. That way, you get secured without disrupting your routine.

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Electrostatic Treatment

As in everything we do, we went ahead with our cleaning system being one of the first companies to implement electrostatic treatment to ensure 100% effectiveness.

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Recurrent Protocol

With a weekly treatment protocol, we aim to provide our community and clients with the protection they need to feel safe against Covid.

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24/7 Support

Viruses are a 24/7 menace. That’s why we work around the clock to give proper attention and response to our community members, employees, and clients.

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Total Security

Our cleaning process is so secure that an eight-year-old child could perform it. By using non-aggressive chemicals, we ensure your health is never at risk.

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