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“Covid Rapid Response” team members armed with new
cleaning equipment to help stop the spread of the virus


Columbus, OH  February 15,  2021– 1st Choice Family Services (1CFS), dedicated to providing essential and uncompromising quality services to developmentally disabled individuals in Ohio, has created a special emergency response team that uses a systematic approach and high-tech methods to tackle the Covid virus.

1st Choice Family Services purchased highly effective cleaning equipment, known as electrostatic spray guns, that work to decontaminate infected surfaces. The newly formed 1st Choice Covid Rapid Response Team, comprised of direct support professionals (DSPs), is trained on the spraying operation as well as additional cleaning procedures and goes into clients’ homes to get the job done.

“We believe it is important to invest in these special sprayers for our clients’ well-being,” says Aonist Coles, CEO of 1st Choice Family Services. “These are the same cleaning instruments used by the Cleveland Clinic and can clean everything from a hospital room to an entire home and more. We have conducted training sessions for our employees and now have ten Team members who are cleaning all clients’ homes regularly.”

The guns are powerful and provide a spray of an effective and approved cleaning solution that sanitizes and disinfects by “wrapping completely around” surfaces & objects, providing three times more coverage than traditional spray bottles, buckets and rags.

The 1st Choice cleaning procedure calls for its Covid Response Team to assemble with the sprayers in hand ASAP when learning a client has contracted the virus. The team continues to clean the home twice a week during an infection period.  Additionally and for extra precaution, all clients’ homes are sprayed weekly.

1st Choice emergency response team members are protected during a job like this with the Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) needed- from goggles and face shields to disposable clothing. Team members also use disposable gloves, microfiber mops and 100% bleach-free disinfecting solutions in clients’ households for effectiveness and safety.

All 1st Choice direct support professionals also follow other pandemic safety measures including observing distance, masking and performing extensive procedures with hand hygiene before, during and after leaving all clients’ homes. When possible they keep at least six feet of distance between themselves and others in the home or community setting.  They also encourage clients to wear masks.

The DSPs are required to monitor themselves and clients for any signs of Covid daily as their shifts begin and end and relay wellness checks to the 1st Choice home office.

“We are an essential services agency for the developmentally disabled community and have been supporting clients in all ways since the start of the pandemic,” adds Coles. “This is a vulnerable group of people who need assistance from our team members and this improved cleaning process. The creation of the Covid Rapid Response Team, the purchase of top-of-the-line cleaning equipment, along with our health and safety standards all demonstrate the dedication to get the job done for clients under our care.”

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