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I’m pretty sure you knew Findlay has some pretty amazing views but:

-Did you know it was the second-largest city in Northwest Ohio too?

Findlay lies about 40 miles (64 km) south of Toledo, and it’s also the Headquarters of Fortune 1000 companies Marathon Petroleum and Cooper Tire & Rubber Company, which rank 22 and 830 on the list respectively.

Other significant employers of the county include Whirpool and Lowe’s distribution center.

That’s why finding jobs hiring in Findlay county is never too difficult if you have a college degree or the willingness to handle piling boxes and other heavy stuff. However

On the other hand, if you don’t have a college education or just see yourself working as a cashier, a janitor, a waiter, a food prep, or even a salesperson, don’t lose hope you still have a chance.

You can become a DSP.


A DSP is a person who provides professional support for people with developmental disabilities.

In other words, it helps people with disabilities live to their fullest potential.

Awesome right?

Now, here’s why becoming a DSP could be the best job opportunity for you.


The only requirement you need to work with us as a DSP is a high school diploma and a passion for helping others. That’s it.

-And what about training and certifications?

You might be thinking.

We will cover all of them, Yeap,

Therefore, If getting a part-time job that includes: Walking in the park, watching movies, cooking, and making art sound like something you could see yourself doing every single day, please click below to go through our “easy to follow”  selection process.

Click here to apply for jobs in Findlay, Ohio!

But: That’s not all. There’s even more excellent news.


Not everybody can be a DSP. Not everybody has the kindness to support other people with the easy stuff.

-We get that!

Not everybody has the passion for supporting others in the way DSPs do. Not everybody can stand enjoying with “a stranger.”

That’s why if you can’t be a DSP, you still have the chance to find your way into First Choice Family Services for other positions that go from customer representative to Marketing Manager. Just click here to apply for jobs in Findlay!


There’s absolutely nothing to fear if you are looking to get hired in Columbus. Whether you are a college graduate or not, or you have time availability or not, or you have experience or not since, as you just saw, we have you covered at 1ST CHOICE FAMILY SERVICES.

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