1st Choice Family Services delivers during “Mission Giveback”

1st Choice Family Services delivers during “Mission Giveback”

Columbus, Ohio, ( December 17, 2020) – 1st Choice Family Services (1CFS), dedicated to providing essential and uncompromising quality services to developmentally disabled individuals in Ohio,  is  handing over school supplies, clothing and food to fellow Ohioans who need it most during its first “Mission Giveback.”

Mission Giveback’s goal is to collect donations for those experiencing increasing hardships made worse by the current health crisis. 1st Choice offices in both Columbus and Findlay participated in the Mission Giveback donation drive that began in October. 

By December, 1st Choice was delivering carloads of school supplies, food, clothing and other needed articles with 1st Choice Family Services contributing more than $1,500 worth of items to the effort. 

In Columbus, the donations are benefiting students in the Whitehall School District and The Salvation Army. Whitehall students are receiving school supplies and canned goods and the Columbus area Salvation Army is receiving food and clothing.

In Findlay, the donations of cold weather clothing, toiletries, toys and food are going to The Hope House and the City Mission. 

 “There isn’t an Ohio community that hasn’t been touched by economic problems brought on by the pandemic,” says Aonist Coles, CEO of 1st Choice Family Services.   “We are thankful to our neighbors who donated to Mission Giveback and are also proud of our employees who pitched in and are now making the deliveries.  1st Choice Family Services not only cares about those in the developmental disability community but also others in need.”

“There are tough times everywhere due to layoffs, furloughs and businesses shutting down and some are hurting more than others.”

1st Choice Family Services is known as an advocate for a vulnerable population – the developmentally disabled – and is also considered an essential services organization.  It helps the developmentally disabled overcome life challenges through advocation, self-development, informed decision making and total community integration. “Throughout the pandemic, we have continued to provide for our clients’ needs and have also included them in our volunteer effort, which helps them learn the importance of giving back in their communities.”

“Mission Giveback really shows how all of us have come together to give back to others.”  Coles adds, “Never has it been a more important time to continue to unite, donate and help each other get through the current rocky times.”


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