Mission Giveback shares groceries and computer tablets

Mission Giveback shares groceries and computer tablets

The organisation is dedicated to providing essential and uncompromising quality services to developmentally disabled individuals in Ohio (USA).

In its project, “Mission Giveback”, the organizers expressed delight in the fact that the deliveries coincided with the holidays.

Mission Giveback’s goal in Trinidad was to provide relief to those in need, and the 1st Choice Family Services team in Trinidad made the deliveries during a week-long period before and after Christmas.  During the exercise, some 36 boxes of groceries were delivered directly to the homes of those in need in the Sangre Grande area, along with treat bags and more than 100 toys for children, just in time for Christmas.

Additionally, a group of families with students who attend Sangre Grande Secondary School and Tamana Hindu School were given tablets, to help their children with online learning.

1st Choice Family Services

The 1st Choice team also prepared and delivered hot meals to 100 homeless individuals after the Christmas holiday. The delivery route for the boxed meals began in Sangre Grande and continued through to Valencia, Arima, Mausica, Arouca, and Tunapuna, and ended in Curepe.

“It was very important for 1st Choice Family Services to make these deliveries to the families and the homeless,” Shastri Coles, CFO of 1st Choice Family Services said.

1st Choice learned of the needs through the local community police and social workers who serve the area; then, the 1st Choice staff based in Trinidad stepped in to help.

“The need for food and the basic necessities is increasing everywhere. We intend to continue our donation efforts here in Trinidad, and elsewhere around the world in 2021,” Coles added.

About 1st Choice Family Services

The majority of 1st Choice Family Services staff is comprised of direct support professional employees aiding the developmentally disabled in their Ohio homes.

1st Choice also is an international employer with support and creative staff members from Trinidad. Additionally, the business has employees from the Philippines, Bangladesh, Kenya, Brazil and India. 1st Choice Mission Giveback philanthropy efforts are also underway in several of these countries, as well as Ohio, USA.

With over 14 years of experience of providing clients with Developmental Disability Services, 1st Choice Family Services is dedicated to providing an uncompromising quality service to fit each individual client’s specialized needs. Our mission is to help people with developmental disabilities overcome life challenges through advocation, self development, informed decision making and total community integration.

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11st Choice Family Services supports people with developmental disabilities by connecting them with expert direct support professionals who help them overcome challenges and live their best lives.

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