Recognizing Achievements and Talent during Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month

Recognizing Achievements and Talent during Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month

The artwork used in the 1CFS logo is known as
“Winston the Cat” and comes from a children’s book
“Winston’s World” illustrated by a 1st Choice client from
Northwestern Ohio. He was asked to illustrate the
book after the author purchased Brian’s “original” cat painting that led to the development of a
book. “Winston” is somewhat different than others and aims to teach children about accepting
individual differences.
Brian continues to work on his art daily since the book was published. He takes classes and
sells his work at a local studio. He also collaborates with 1st Choice Family Services direct
support professional (DSP) Megan Griffith. Brian lives independently but benefits from having a
DSP in his life. Megan spends about five hours at a time with Brian, talking about his art,
happenings of the day or maybe helping him with a meal. “We talk nonstop…I am really
interested in what he is doing… I will show him something I am working on that relates to
art…we really get along,” says Megan.
“I am pretty quiet…I don’t talk to too many people during the day… for me, it is just good to have
Megan to talk to,” adds Brian.
“We are very happy for the positive impact the illustration has brought to Brian’s life,” says
Aonist Coles, CEO of 1st Choice Family Services. “Megan is also interested in art so she and
Brian are a great client-DSP match.”

Brian is just one example of a client who is working towards achieving his potential. “One of our
clients may be starting to learn a foreign language, some are taking on more daily
responsibilities and others are controlling negative behaviors. All types of progress are to be
commended and we believe some of the advancement is due in part to the support received
from our DSPs,” says Coles.
Brian has a few goals for the future. “I would like to improve my health, illustrate another book
and keep painting…I like when people see my work, it makes me work harder.”
Megan says, “I know Brian has even motivated others with disabilities develop their talent. He’s
helped a young man with multiple sclerosis figure out how to hold paintbrushes.”
Coles adds, “We need to continue the push for inclusion of the developmentally disabled in all
areas and recognize their talents — the more we all get behind this, the greater the odds they
will achieve their full potential.”


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